Our Speciality:
Everything product

Starting up, ideating the product, spear-heading or managing the product team for the first time or taking an enterprise to the next phase — we’ve done it all.

How We Can Help

Our Competency:

Understanding product goals

Revenue Growth, Churn Reduction, Strategy & Vision Alignment, or New Innovation Production or Management — we can help you get the right structure and team in place to succeed.

Our services are designed to help you be agile, manage better, scale faster, maximize value, and achieve desired outcomes.

Our Differentiation:

Project vs Product: Our approach in services offering and team allocation with a clear distinction and mindset for a limited timescale project or a long term ever evolving product.

Hand-off Flexibility: Options to engage with us at any stage — from start, mid-way or any time during Product Development & Management Lifecycle.

Partnership Agility: Outsource ideation, designing, scoping, ownership, management or development part of product — or pick & mix from the whole product leadership package.

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Our Approach:

Product Management & Development is not just:

  • Interview the stakeholders
  • Gather the requirements for what should be built
  • Scope the features and functionality
  • Hand off to the developers

For us it’s the most critical yet most neglected part:

Value and validation of value for customers.

We Follow:

Our Structure:

Full Stack
Product Design, Development &
Management Studios

Dedicated Functional Departments & Teams

Our Processes:

Everything agile

Scrum, Lean, Kanban or our custom agile model – or an agile model that fits or can be customised to fit client’s in-house operational structure

Our Custom Agile Model – AN2

Consolidation of client’s chat, emails, rough sketches, verbal description, drawings of flows, links, examples & inspirations to get the broader & informal understanding of product scope.

Client Brief

Brainstorming on Client Brief Document by Product Management team, engineering & design team documented to be shared with client to provide input.

Team Brief

Finalised information is laid out in user stories, screen-by-screen functionality mockups and gets approved by client as part of acceptance criteria.

Product Brief

Technical specification document based on user stories and wireframes mockups to avoid scope creeps and technical level assumptions and quality control.

Specs Brief

(Product & Sprint)

Our Services:

How we help you


Step 1: Product Maturity Assessment

– Get assessment of your in-house competencies in Product Strategy, Organisational Design and Product Operations – across all domains or deep dive into a few select.


Step 2: Improvements Recommendations

– Get tactical recommendation in each area, i.e. product strategy, organisational structure, team formation, product design and product operations.


Step 3: Operational Reinforcements

– Get one of our teams — onsite or offsite or combination of both —engage with you for any of the recommended improvements, i.e. product design, management and development operations.

Our Services:

What we help with

We offer an initial Full Product Maturity Assessment to best understand which areas your team could use help with. Then, we put together a plan for an engagement with some of the programs listed below that will lead you to better product development. In each case, we’ll invest the time to assess where your team is currently, advise on some adjustments, and activate your leadership to implement those changes and provide resources, technology and skills reinforcements if needed.

Product Strategy Consultancy
Product Operations Outsourcing
Organisational Design (coming soon)

Product Strategy

  • Strategy Analysis & Recommendations
    We’ll review your current product strategy, and make tactical recommendations to reach your goal.
  • Deep User Insights Sprint
    A fast track to actionable user insights, complete with a gap analysis on customer value.
  • Roadmapping
    A one to two quarter roadmap, aligned to your organization’s goals, to get your team moving in the right direction.
  • Executive Strategy Alignment
    Facilitated sessions to get your executive team moving in the same direction, understanding what needs to get done, and setting you up to execute.
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Product Operations

  • Operations Outsourcing & Consulting
    A fast track team assignment — on-site or offsite or hybrid — assembled to fit any stage or fill any technology or skill gap during product innovation and production process.
  • Data & Insights Baseline
    A dashboard of the most important metrics and analytics to help inform your product strategy and board presentations
  • Product Governance
    A repeatable cadence for creating and deploying strategies at every level in the organization, capacity planning, and budgeting.
  • User Research Operations
    Setup your user research program to scale with a system for Product Managers and UX researchers to get in contact with the right people.
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Organisational Design

  • Organizational Structure Recommendations
    How to structure your product managers and teams around products and services to effectively scale, including recommendations on hiring to fill gaps.
  • Product Management Training
    Quickly baselines concepts, tools, and product thinking across teams and organizations at scale with our trainings.
  • Product Role Descriptions &  Career Paths
    Job descriptions and career paths galore. We’ll help you create the right job framework for your product management team so that they feel confident about their role and responsibilities.
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