A Technology Management & Development Powerhouse!

Specialising in product management, technology consultancy, DevOps, Ansquare combines innovation to deliver tailored software solutions and training to help businesses fulfil their potential.

Ansquare is a team of product designers, owner, managers, developers with a vast knowledge base and experience in developing products of diverse business domains.

How We Can Help

Product Development
with an edge!

Ansquare is a startup specialist company with a full-stack product design and management and development studios. Product mindset works as the nucleus for our every software delivery. We have a unique blend of handling ideation, product design and management operations in addition to product development – this a complete suite of services that are specific to only tech startups and is unique to Ansquare. Its core executive tech team is based in London and includes veteran product management, technical management and project management specialists with more than 50 years combined experience who have served multinational tech startups at top executive and operational positions and have managed and developed products from the time of launch to multi-millions user-base.

Unwavering delegation – with flexibility but without compromise!

We are a semi-offshore outfit with its core executive team, tech, product and project management teams sit in London, UK and are available for onsite engagement at any time. We make sure that critical operations are handled locally through onsite teams, only redundant and non-sensitive operations are handled using offshore resources. All the product design, product management, core architecture design, project management operations are handled locally, only development and QA operations are assigned to trusted off-shore AN2 teams.

Service transparency – to the core!

Ansquare understands the sensitivity, delicacy and limitations associated with product development and offers services tailored around these challenges. We provide services agile and flexible to the demands in terms of team size, technology stack, budget and delivery constraints. The confidence that the team is totally familiar with handling the intricacies of product design and management that deeply interplays with development is what makes us a choice for our startup clients with the ability to control their core DevOps operations under their own direct supervision. Our clients can even avail the on-site presence of the lead product management, devop and technical teams at their office whenever needed for brainstorming session for core product designing and development decisions or address fire-fighting situations with in-house team in UK.

Our Team

Ansquare founders are veteran technologists with 50+ years’ combined experience in IT development, product management and and training. They come from top companies from Silicon Valley and London tech sector like Wang and IBM, City Bank, United We Reach. They have grown Ansquare into a vibrant team of developers, trainers and consultants based in London and the UK, delivering bespoke application solutions, IT training and soft skills training to clients within various sectors anywhere in the UK and abroad.

We are a friendly team, having known and worked with each other for many years.  We like to take the formal and sometimes unexciting image away from IT and build strong relationships with our clients, seeing and talking to them regularly for catch ups and coffee, whilst supporting them.  We genuinely believe that we provide our clients with the highest quality service, carried out with the utmost professionalism and offer outstanding value.

Our Team

Nova Crawford

IT Sales, Training & Client Engagement

20+ Years Sales, Client Engagement and Project Management Experience

Haider Ali Shah

Business Development & R&D

10+ Years Business Development, Execution & Delivery Management

Anser Hussain Buksh

Business & Product Leadership

15+ Years Execution, Strategy & Startup/Product Management Experience

Dr. Nauman Khan

Technical & R&D Management

20+ Years IT Operations & Technical Management Experience

Nova Crawford

Training & Project/Program Management

20+ Years Client

Engagement and Project

Management Experience